Sexual Health and Responsibility Program SHARP

Upon completion of this chapter, the student will be able to identify and discuss basic facts concerning the Sexual Health and Responsibility Program (SHARP) mission, vision, goals, products, and services.

The Sexual Health and Responsibility Program (SHARP) is one of the teams within the Directorate of Health Promotion and Population Health of the Navy Environmental Health Center.

SHARP Mission

Provide Department of Navy (DoN) members and family members with health information, education, and behavior change programs for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, and unplanned pregnancy.

SHARP Vision

A DoN cultural norm in which sexual responsibility and safety is encouraged, supported, and expected, and a population in which all pregnancies are planned, syphilis is eliminated, and other STDs, including HIV are prevented.


Reduce the occurrence of STDs, including HIV, and unplanned pregnancy among DoN members and beneficiaries to levels specified in select Healthy People 2010 Objectives.

SHARP Instructor Training Sources

Navy and Marine Corps HIV Policy (previously known as "Navy HIV Instructor Course") explains DoD and DoN policy regarding HIV. This course and the examination are available on the SHARP web site at SHARP issues a certificate of training to each person who completes the 38-question exam. Continuing education credit is awarded.

SHARP's Sexual Health Primer includes the impact of STDs and unplanned pregnancy, Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction Counseling -Guidance and Training for Health Care Providers, "SHARP Facts" Fact Sheets on STDs; unplanned pregnancy; HIV testing; options for risk reduction; male and female condoms; talking to teens about sexual responsibility; and family planning. This course is available on the SHARP website. SHARP issues a certificate of training to each person who completes the 40-question exam. Continuing education credit is awarded.

SHARP's "HIV-AIDS Facts Quiz" is a resource and self-study course for health care professionals, including Nurses, Physicians, Preventive Medicine Technicians, Independent Duty Corpsmen, and Environmental Health Officers. These registered SHARP instructors receive a copy of the American Red Cross Facts Book to help them answer, in a culturally sensitive, non-judgmental way, the HIV-AIDS questions people in their community are likely to ask. SHARP issues a certificate of training to each person who completes the 50-question quiz. Continuing education credit approval is pending.

"Sexual Risk Assessment in the Outpatient Setting". This is a fully scripted PowerPoint presentation and demonstration that includes a student manual. The lecture targets health care providers including IDCs. It may be used an inservice training session within medical treatment facilities or as a self-study course. The objective is to demonstrate the need for and the skills used in conducting a sexual behavior risk assessment during the routine out-patient encounter. Typical length of the lecture is 60-90 minutes. Continuing Education Credit is awarded. The PowerPoint presentation and the student manual may be downloaded from the SHARP website.

Fundamentals of HIV-STD Prevention Counseling is a 2 day course for Preventive Medicine Officers and Technicians, Environmental Health Officers, Independent Duty Corpsmen, health promoters, DoDDS school nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurses, and family service counselors - people tasked to counsel individual Sailors and Marines regarding sexual behavioral risk reduction. Continuing education credit is awarded. See page 21 for more details about this course.

Sexual Partner Counseling and Referral. This self-study course covers the CDC's 11-step process for bringing to treatment the sexual partners of patients infected with sexually transmitted infections. SHARP issues a certificate of training to each person who completes the 33-question quiz. Continuing education credit is awarded.

American Red Cross HIV Instructor Course -This training is conducted by American Red Cross Chapters. Students learn the facts about HIV and AIDS and learn how to conduct educational sessions for groups. Cost and availability vary somewhat by location. Contact your local Red Cross Chapter HIV/AIDS Training Coordinator for training opportunities in your area. A complete list of Red Cross Chapters is available on line at

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Governing Directives. Links to these documents are at the SHARP website at

Department of Defense Directive 6485.1 with Administrative Reissuance Incorporating Change 1, August 10, 1992. This is the DoD's policy, responsibilities and procedures on identification, surveillance, and administration of civilian and military personnel infected with HIV-1.

Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs Memorandum dated October 6, 1998, sets policy for deployment health assessments and blood samples including screening for HIV infection.

OPNAV INST 6120.3, Preventive Health Assessment, requires an annual health assessment of active duty men and women as part of their regular health care visits, including age-appropriate chlamydia screening, and sexual health counseling.

SECNAV INSTRUCTION 5300.30C establishes the Department of Navy's (DON) policy on identification, surveillance, and administration of people infected with HIV-1.

SECNAV NOTICE 5300 defines the Department of the Navy policy regarding HIV/AIDS training which among other things, requires commands to conduct a minimum of 1-hour HIV/AIDS prevention education each calendar year for all military personnel.

SECNAV INSTRUCTION 12792.4 provides the Department of the Navy policy and guidance concerning HIV and related illnesses in the civilian workforce.

BUMED Instruction 6222.10A provides current guidelines for treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

MARINE CORPS ORDER P1700.29 defines the Marine Corps Semper Fit Program which includes HIV/STD prevention as a Health Promotion core element and requires HIV/STD education annually. Additionally, this order requires basic/technical training programs and professional level training programs for officers and enlisted have targeted education regarding STD and HIV transmission and prevention.

SECNAV INSTRUCTION 1000.10 provides Department of Navy policy for all military personnel on pregnancy and issues related to pregnant servicewomen including, but not limited to, thorough family planning information to be made available to servicemen and servicewomen through the training establishment and at the unit level.

BUMED Manual for Medicine provides requirements for the Annual Health Maintenance Examination for all female beneficiaries including counseling on family planning, contraceptives (including emergency contraception), prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Health Promotion issues.

Chapter 3

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