25 Easy and Effective Methods of Curing Premature Ejaculation

25 Methods Of Control

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This guide offers you a permanent solution to fixing premature ejaculation in a natural, safe, and effective way using conventional methods and techniques. 

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25 Methods Of Control

This eBook series is a natural, easy, and complete solution for premature ejaculation. With this guide, you can sexually satisfy any woman in the world by lasting longer than ever before. Until when will you keep on ejaculating before she wants you to ejaculate and keep losing your dignity, self-esteem, and manly pride? For how long will you keep on taking brain-numbing ejaculation control pills and applying desensitizing creams, moving towards sexual dysfunction and impotence? Premature ejaculation can potentially rip off all the joy and satisfaction in your relationship if you do nothing about the situation. How about we understand what the term or condition actually means? Premature ejaculation happens when a person ejaculates with minimal sexual stimulation before or shortly after penetration. You could say that it is basically an ejaculation that occurs before satisfying your female partner.

Premature ejaculation can come about because of several reasons, including but not limited to:

  • After-effects of excessive masturbation
  • Hypersensitivity of the prostate gland
  • A first sexual encounter gone bad.
  • Alcoholism
  • Vaginal tightness
  • Anxiety
  • Hypersensitive glans
  • Overwhelming sexual feelings
  • Sexual artlessness

Ultimately, premature ejaculation affects both the male and the female partner. It is even worse for men because it brings everything of the male partner at stake. On the other hand, females equate good sex with love, which means that if her partner consistently ejaculates prematurely, it will affect her emotions, mood, and general body health. Premature ejaculation may make a man resort to temporary relief, cause persistent anxiety, make him lose self-esteem, and sometimes he may even avoid sexual contact. A woman whose man ejaculates prematurely now and then may feel ditched, causing depression, may become quarrelsome, and in some cases, she may become non-serious about the relationship. While ejaculation capsules and pills may offer temporary relief for premature ejaculation, these method does not cure the condition at all.

What’s more, is that these premature ejaculation pills and capsules are detrimental to health. They have brain-numbing ingredients, which means that you will not get to enjoy the pleasure of having sex because a significant part of your brain that should be involved is quite dysfunctional. This applies to most other ejaculation delay products and methods that are currently sold in the market. This eBook series offers you a permanent solution to fixing premature ejaculation in a natural, safe, and effective way using conventional methods and techniques. It is divided into four parts as follows:

Part one: Ejaculation Control for Beginners

Part two: Ejaculation control for advanced levelers

Part three: Let her Come First Ten Times before you come

Part four: Penis Enlargement

This review article will look briefly at what is provided in each part so that you can catch a glimpse of what you will be getting if you make a purchase.


Part one of this eBook series introduces you to premature ejaculation as a problem that has been ignored as ordinary, yet it could turn out to be the worst of a man’s nightmares. Ideally, this can be the beginning of problems in your relationship ranging from sexual wreckage, broken relationships, and absence of confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, you can do away with premature ejaculation and ultimately doing away with it permanently. This e-book reveals to you the secrets that, for a long time, have been kept hidden from the masses to perpetuate the unfair sexual advantage of privileged “sexocrates.” You have to look out for two habits when trying to cure premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction- two habits that can make your premature ejaculation very severe or even incurable until you stop with those habits. Did you know that there is a ‘right’ way of masturbating? Usually, in most cases, when a young man first begins to masturbate, they do so in a hurry, afraid of being caught, so he will tense up his legs to try to ejaculate as quickly as possible. This will work, but with time, you get into a habit of masturbating with tense pelvic or leg muscles, eventually leading to premature ejaculation out of habit. Learn how wrong masturbation and one other pattern that you probably indulge in can cause you permanent harm if you are not very keen.

This section goes ahead to cover intricately the other reasons why you may be experiencing premature ejaculation. Pornography, in a way, desensitizes you to sex, making it difficult to get an erection while at the same time making you nervous. During sex, your body needs to be more aroused than anxious. Pornography creates anxiety, and arousal cannot proceed in the presence of anxiety, which means you need to take care of these two if you are trying to cure premature ejaculation. Get to learn about how prostatitis and several other factors may be the cause of your premature ejaculation so that you can establish the root cause and deal with it accordingly.

We cannot talk about premature ejaculation without understanding the process and stages of erection. Your body generally has specific physiological responses to sexual stimulation, although you should keep in mind that these stages are variable; they may differ from one person to the other. Even though you are a man, chances are you do not really understand the male sexual function. Yet, the knowledge of this subject will go a long way in improving your sexual life. Lucky for you, this section of the book covers the male sexual function in-depth, providing you with diagrammatic representations that will facilitate your understanding of the subject at hand. A man’s erection “team” consisting of the brain, nerves, blood vessels, and hormones that work together to cause an erection in response to arousal. In this section of the book, you will understand the various stages of erection and how each one of them happens. These four stages take place during an erection, and if you want to deal with premature ejaculation, you’ve got to understand where the problem lies. Ejaculation refers to the release of sperm cells and seminal plasma from the male reproductive system. This process occurs in two phases: the emission stage, where sperms move from the testis and epididymis to the beginning of the urethra, and ejaculation proper, where the semen moves through the urethra and out of the body. Get to understand the whole process of ejaculation and what role nerve impulses play to make this happen.

Ejaculation mastery is crucial for men because once a man reaches the point in his sexual development, he begins to understand that just getting off does not satisfy him or his partner. He will start craving for more. Knowing how to achieve this higher pleasure s will help you attain the satisfaction that you long for. The sensitivity and awareness of a man heighten profoundly to the subtle and refined pleasures of lovemaking, where he steps into an expanded state of consciousness, allowing him to achieve multiple and full-body orgasms. What are full-body orgasms? Are there benefits to attaining full-body orgasms? The answer is yes- and all this information is provided for you in this section of the eBook series. Now, if you are experiencing premature ejaculation, there is no way you will be able to achieve this state, and in so doing, you will be missing out on many benefits that you should even be working for.

This guide seeks to provide you with methods that you can employ to overcome premature ejaculation as a man and restore your lost dignity and self-esteem regarding lovemaking and women. Let us highlight these methods, who they target, and what it basically entails. More details on what to do or how to achieve the process can be found in the book.

  1. Surface-swim method- If you are suffering from premature ejaculation and your sexual system has become overly hypersensitive by excessive masturbation, this method is the go-to for you. It aims at enhancing the psychological and physical control of your ejaculation while restoring your self-confidence that excessive masturbation might have severely damaged. Find the instructions on how to perform this method from this part of the eBook series.
  2. P-C Muscle- This method involves exercising your pubococcygeus muscle, which will benefit your sex life massively. Some of the benefits of exercising your PC muscle include lasting longer in bed, having a hard penis, and avoiding impotence. If you are looking for such benefits, you better begin those exercises as soon as possible. When you do these exercises right, you will be guaranteed such benefits. Get to learn about more of the benefits of carrying out these exercises and how to do them. Don’t worry if you have no idea what this muscle is or if it even exists in your body! All the necessary information you will need on the same topic are found in this section of the book.
  3. Squeeze Method- if you are looking for one of the most effective methods for reversing the after-effects of an excessive and wrong way of masturbation and mastering ejaculation control, this is it. The squeeze method involves the application of pressure to parts of the penis to control your ejaculation. Get to understand what you will need to achieve this method and how exactly to perform it to master the art of controlling your ejaculation.
  4. Stones tug- well, we are not talking of actual stone here because you won’t be having any in your body if you are healthy. Your testicles, also referred to as stones, come close to the body. To prevent premature ejaculation, you can simply pull or tug the testicles away from the body. Usually, as you approach orgasm, the testicles shrink even closer to the body, so by pulling them away from your body, you will be averting an oncoming orgasm.
  5. Ceremonial Masturbation- This method requires you to lie on your back and start playing with your penis using some lubricant. What exactly you should use as the ideal lubricant is provided in the book in detail. The way to proceed with this method is also covered effectively in this section of the book. This technique will teach you to control your ejaculation as long as you want, regardless of who you are having intercourse with.
  6. Count-down- If you have ever suffered from panic attacks, you probably understand what the count-down method looks like or involves. It doesn’t just apply to panic attacks; this method is also useful in delaying premature ejaculation. It aims to disperse overexcitement from your brain and body quickly and completely. Additionally, it’s got several benefits that make it worthwhile.
  7. Dual fort- If you suffer from hypersensitivity to the sensation generated by vaginal-penile friction, the dual fort method may work for you. The dual fort method involves wearing a double condom to restore your confidence, giving you enough chance to overcome anxiety and strengthen ejaculation control. In addition to other benefits, wearing a double condom will greatly increase your timing during sex.
  8. Outercourse- Rather than focusing so much on intercourse, why not try foreplay? This will ensure that you enjoy delaying your ejaculation and be able to please her to the maximum. Ideally, women will start measuring your sexual stamina from the moment you come close to her. If you can control ejaculation during the foreplay and give her a non-vaginal orgasm, she will be very impressed by your sexual stamina and manhood. Foreplay is useful in toning down arousal and putting off performance anxiety.
  9. Barefoot union- Another method of delaying ejaculation is having sex while your feet touch bare earth- a popular method among the Egyptians. While this seems quite ridiculous, there has been plenty of testimonies about its efficiency in delaying ejaculation for a considerable time.
  10. Control-via-silk- most people will tell you that the feeling of silk and vaginal walls is quite identical. Essentially, this implies that you could be immune to vaginal sensitivity if you overcome silk sensitivity. You can learn how exactly to do this from the well-explained section containing the same in the book.
  11. Breathing control- While there could be many causes or reasons for your premature ejaculation, most causes vary from chemical alterations to physiological and psychological issues. This method is efficient for strengthening bodies, reversing aging, and enjoying better and healthier sex life. It aims to restore and build sexual bioenergy by empowering a man to delay ejaculation, fix his nervous system dysfunction and weak parasympathetic nerves, and improve his premature ejaculation caused by male menopause or weak PC muscles. Practicing this technique will enable you to maximize the power of erections while controlling the urge to ejaculate. Learn about the different breath controlling techniques that will work like magic for your sexual life.
  12. Thought Mantra- There is a common saying that energy goes where thought flows. This statement is very true to a great extent. If you keep focusing your thoughts on your ejaculation during sex, it will turn into anxiety, triggering ejaculation.
  13. Tongue-circles- This method works as a perfect distraction to your ejaculatory tension. It will help distract ejaculation and is efficient during foreplay, penetration, and thrusting.
  14. Yoni-Mock- This method is ideal for men who are very sensitive to vaginal wetness, squeeze, and mild heat. These kinds of people will not ejaculate during oral sex, even if it goes on for hours. Still, as soon as vaginal penetration occurs, they cannot control the spontaneous outburst of ejaculation. This happens because they have become too sensitive to vaginal passage. If you fall into this category, the yoni-mock method may just be the solution you need.
  15. Quick fix- This is simple yet effective method involves chewing a particular ingredient and applying the resultant saliva on your penis before engaging in sexual activity. Find out what this ingredient is that has the potential to cure penile sensitivity caused by excessive masturbation. You can even make your own ejaculation oil using this spice.
  16. Lung-force- There’s a particular group of people who can consciously control their breathing for a long time; therefore, they can stay alive based on their strong and pure consciousness. There can be no excellence or mastery in any of the mystic art without breathing mastery. Controlling your breathing is another efficient method of controlling and freezing ejaculation at the spot. How do you achieve this? Find out more details on the same in this part of the eBook series.
  17. Kamasutra-control- Understanding the various sexual position is crucial in the sense that certain sexual positions, such as the missionary position, will cause an early spill. Consequently, you should experiment with various positions to find one or two that will provide less stimulation to your male anatomy.
  18. Breathing-fort- this breathing exercise immediately disperse the ejaculatory storm
  19. Spinal push-up
  20. Quick fix with peppermint oil- for such a long time now, peppermint oil has proven to have several health benefits, and now you can use it for a quick healthy fix instead of the unhealthy pills and capsules provided in the market.

The other two methods that will go a long way in fixing your premature ejaculation include the pearl-point method and the camphor cure. You can understand more about these methods as the book provides you with in-depth explanations and procedures that are easy to perform without requiring any form of assistance.


Most people have been fed with myths and misconceptions and kept ignorant about male sexuality and prowess. For instance, you have been told that masturbation is okay regardless of when and how you do it. Clearly, this is a wrong concept because excessive masturbation in the wrong way for the long term can be detrimental to your sexual prowess, creativity, vitality, and life as a whole. By feeding you with wrong and harmful information, they have successfully hidden masters’ secrets from you to perpetuate their sexual advantage over you. Another myth that most men, or a misconception thereof, is that ejaculation is the best part of sex.

Consequently, most of them will eye this trophy, not knowing that there is something better- orgasms without ejaculation. The difference between orgasm and ejaculation is a matter of seconds, so knowing what to do in these few seconds can give you the best sex-making session of your life. You can have multiple orgasms in a single session of lovemaking without ejaculating even once. The benefit of this is that you will end lovemaking. At the same time, you still have a desire. In so doing, you will super-boost your immune system and increase your physical energy, mental creativity, emotional resilience, and spiritual quickening.

Understand that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same things. This section of the book presents you with simple techniques that can enable ordinary men to experience orgasms without ejaculating. Any man who learns to do this will achieve alpha male status radiating masculinity irresistible to women. One secret that most men don’t know is that, like women, men can be multi-orgasmic- you can have several orgasms during one session of lovemaking without losing energy and vitality. The techniques explained in this eBook will teach you to experience the pleasure of orgasm without accompanying it with a letdown of ejaculation.

The main idea here is to learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Becoming a master of ejaculation will enable you to live life at a different level- full of energy, lofty thoughts, and ready to have sex anywhere, anytime. By becoming a multi-orgasm man, you can change your life from hell to heaven, and the advantages of this aspect are many. Find out exactly what you stand to gain by gathering these techniques, which will eventually turn you into a multi-orgasm man. This book goes ahead to touch on the different types of male ejaculation, including ejaculation orgasm, prostate orgasm, and non-ejaculation, also referred to as multiple orgasms.

How exactly do you become a multi-orgasm man? Unlike women, men have lower chances of achieving multiple orgasms because, after ejaculation, they go through a refractory period that may last up to a few hours, depending on an individual. This means that after ejaculation, a man has to start all over again from getting aroused to totally erect. However, this does not mean that a man can't achieve multiple orgasms, as you will see in this book. On the other hand, the chances of a woman getting multiple orgasms are higher.

The secret to understanding how to have multiple orgasms for men is to understand that orgasm and ejaculation are two different kinds of experiences. Becoming a multi-orgasmic man is not complicated or difficult; the only thing you need is to understand the basic male sexuality and certain techniques. In this part of the eBook series, you will come across the different methods and techniques for becoming a multi-orgasmic man. It is actually easier than you think; all you need to do is learn and practice the given methods and techniques for some time. Learn how to amalgam four techniques to become multiple orgasmic men. In addition to these techniques, part two curing premature ejaculation series also introduces you to the super ejaculation control diet. Did you know that what you eat in the name of food can determine how long you can last? Well, now you do. Get to learn about herbs effective for enhancing sexual stamina- we are talking about chemically constituted pills and capsules. These are natural regimens that you can find almost anywhere or in the closest grocery store. You will learn how to increase your sperm load naturally without employing synthetic additions to your system.

Similarly, some foods boost libido, strengthen erections and increase semen- this may be what you have been looking for all this while, only that you did not have the right information with you. Grab your chance to revolutionize your sex life as you’ve never imagined before. While there are foods that can build your sexual desire and libido, some certain foods also can damage your sexual desire and drive. So, basically, you may not even be having any underlying sexual problem; what you are eating may be the cause of your decreased desire and drive. But what are these foods? Another reason why you should have this eBook on your online collections or library.


While there are thousands of books written on the topic of ‘how to make her come before you come,’ of how to kiss her mouth, how to kiss her breasts, and how to kiss her yoni, most of them ignore the core secrets of successful intercourse and strong mutual relationship. This part of the eBook series includes the fundamental secrets that have always been ignored. This section will teach you how to make sex part of love. This is crucial because you may be able to enslave a woman’s heart via sex by making her believe that sex with her is just part of your love for her. How exactly to do this? While men can enjoy sex without being in love, it is a thousand times richer if it is part of love. You are lucky if you are in love with your woman, but you have to show her that your sex is part of your love if you are not. In this section, you will understand just how you can do this.

Here, you will find some gems of wisdom, some of them you will never find anywhere all your life. Have you ever heard about the “soul-center-sex point” in a woman’s battle? A woman’s whole body is a receptive gate of pleasure; that’s to say that wherever it is touched or kissed or licked, it lets pleasure ooze into it. Yet, there is a certain point in every woman’s body that lets pleasure flood into it. The verity of the existence of this spot is totally proven through test surveys on thousands of women. Learn about these points on a woman’s body, which will make it easy for you to find it on your woman.

An important thing to know is that this soul-center-sex-point may change its location day-to-day. This section will reveal a secret that is unavailable in books, and although women know it, they cannot verbalize it. However, when this secret is done on them, they absolutely love it. Understanding your woman is very key when playing sex. Learn about the three types of orgasms that women experience and how you can achieve all these. And like mastering sexual positions plays a major role in controlling male ejaculation, changing positions is extremely pleasurable for both partners and gives revival and color fading pleasure in sex. You can choose one of the different positions demonstrated in this book for every night and settle with that which brings maximum pleasure for the both of you. Remember that as long as your woman is sexually happy with you, only then will she believe your love, promises and acknowledge your promises, and deeply love you in return. On the contrary, if she is not satisfied sexually, she becomes a half psychological patient and sometimes even hysteric; so, learn the art of tackling and pleasing her to reap long rewards.


This is the final part of this eBook series, but it does not contain any less. This section focuses on penis enlargement. Throughout the history of humanity, breast and penis enlargement has been a very common thing. So much is the craze that some people are obsessed with the desire to increase the length and girth of their penis. They have gone all limits for this purpose.

For this reason, this section of the book provides you with several methods that you can achieve without compromising your manhood in any way. It includes ten easy-to-follow methods that can potentially increase penis size. Here, you will learn about some important foods that contain nutrients needed for men looking for an enlarged penis. The idea is to incorporate these foods into your diet, and you will begin to get visible outcomes for the penis, proper erection, and improved sperm count. Also included at the end of this part of the eBook series are important FAQs that may help you overcome some issues that seem a concern but are not.

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