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Biceps brachii tendon tear

Pushups And Pullups Muscles

Generally, it occurs in a muscle, already weakened by tendinitis, after a sudden backward movement of the arm, e.g., during a throw. This movement is relatively common in baseball, tennis, and any sport involving a throwing action, but it also occurs in the snatch in weightlifting. During this motion, tension is suddenly placed on the long head of the biceps brachii, most often where Its tendon passes through the bicipital groove of the humerus. Weightlifting, specifically the deadllft, with heavy weights can cause another characteristic biceps brachii injury.

J hamstring muscle tears

Contracted Coccyx Relaxed Coccyx

In bodybuilding, hamstring tears occur frequently. This Injury occurs most often during the squat when the torso is too far forward. The hamstring muscle group, with the exception of the short head of biceps femorls, is in an extremely stretched position and contracts forcefully to straighten the pelvis. This can lead to tearing, most often at the high or middle portion of the muscle group. Hamstring tears can also occur when working at a leg curl machine using heavy weights. This most often occurs at the beginning of the movement when the legs are extended and the muscles are stretched. Certain weightlifting exercises, such as good mornings or stiff-legged deadlifts, can be considered the best hamstring protectors because of their combined action of muscle strengthening and stretching.

Shoulder Injuries

Sudeltoid Space

Shoulder Injuries occur frequently in weightllfting and especially in bodybuilding where developing the entire deltoid group requires the athlete to perform a significant number of repetitions and variations in exercises, which multiplies the risk of injury. The shoulder Is defined as a ball-and-socket joint because the head of the humerus is mainly held within the glenoid cavity of the scapula by a complex musculotendinous group. Most weightlifting injuries occur when training the deltoids, and they rarely result in muscle pulls or tears. They are usually caused by poor technique or overuse of the tendons reinforcing the articular capsule. In contrast to contact sports, such as football, where sudden arm movements can create serious injuries involving dislocation or even torn tendons, the most serious injury In weightlifting involves entrapment.

Parameters of exercise training depend on the goal

For these reasons, we distinguish between exercise and task-specific training in neurorehabilita-tion. The term exercise training in the classical sense refers to cardiovascular fitness training (aerobic and anaerobic) or muscle strength training. The goal for these exercise training protocols is either cardiovascular conditioning as evidenced by various performance-based tests including VO2 peak in the former or targeted levels of voluntary muscle force (e.g., maximum torque) or muscle endurance (e.g., sub-maximal torque levels for a given duration) in the latter. There is an extensive literature in

Associated Neurological Findings

The autonomic nervous system can be evaluated in a noninvasive manner at the bedside with the following assessments blood pressure and heart rate response to standing, isometric exercise, heart rate variation with respiration, Valsalva ratio, and plasma norepinephrine levels with standing.y Associated Medical Findings. A good general medical examination of all systems is necessary to aid in generating a differential diagnosis for conditions affecting the sensory axis and can also aid in localization. Diseases commonly associated with peripheral nervous system dysfunction include cancer, diabetes mellitus, the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, connective tissue disorders, alcohol abuse, uremia, myxedema, and paraproteinemias.

From random to structured neural activity

At the outset, the neurons in the network which is to become the animal-image network are connected with the neurons in the one which is to become the animal-name network. Learning takes place by a process in which some of these connections become stronger, while others become weaker. We saw in Chapter 5 that connectionist theories are based on the idea that different connections between neurons have different strengths, and that it is these strengths that determine which concepts are associated with which other concepts. Learning thus consists of changes in the strength of the connections.

Nasas Current Research Program In Muscle Physiology

The Fundamental Biology Research Program (FBRP) also supports through the NRA process muscle physiology studies that explore fundamental mechanisms. Five of these investigations probe the signaling of muscle atrophy, skeletal muscle artery adaptation, muscle growth and repair, insulin signal transduction in muscle, and mechanical signal transduction in countermeasures to muscle atrophy in rats subjected to hindlimb suspension unloading. Two of the studies involve muscle cultures to explore growth factors and tension-induced skeletal muscle growth and the effects of space travel on skeletal myofibers. Continued research on muscle changes during human bed rest and rodent hindlimb unloading is justified for investigating basic mechanisms. These models simulate spaceflight changes very well for skeletal muscle. During bed rest, muscle responds positively to resistance training by partial amelioration of atrophy (Bamman et al., 1998). Given the limited access to spaceflight and low numbers...

Developmental Origin Of The Heart

This developmental program of myocardium, which gives rise to terminally differentiated cells, results in a decreased regenerative capacity for cardiac tissue during adult life. For example, during skeletal muscle development, myoblasts fuse to form myotubes, which mature into myofibers (Schultz, 1989). A population of muscle stem cells satellite cells adheres to the myo-tubes and resides under the basal lamina of the mature myofiber. Following skeletal muscle injury, satellite cells become activated, proliferate, and participate in tissue regeneration. By contrast, cardiomyocyte precursors are thought to terminally differentiate during development, resulting in the absence of a stem cell pool in the adult heart. cranially to envelop the entire heart from the sinus venosus to the outflow tract. The proepicardial-derived cells then undergo an epithelial-mesenchymal transformation that gives rise to the three coronary vessel-associated cell populations coronary smooth muscle,...

Hand And Foot Activations

Another experiment points to the contribution of parallel, cortical networks in a distributed motor system. Muscle strength increased by having individuals practice at imagining they were contracting a particular muscle.211 Indeed, when the abductor digiti quinti was exercised to increase its strength and when subjects only imagined that they practiced abduction against resistance, the abductor of the untrained hand also increased in strength. This neural, as opposed to muscular, origin for strengthening also seems to occur during physical exercise before any muscle hypertrophy is evident. Mental exercise that improves muscle strength is associated with an increase in elec-troencephalographic-derived cortical potentials.212 Positron emission tomography and other techniques suggest that this strengthening derives from the activation of central motor planning areas outside of M1. These areas increase the coordination and strength of outputs to spinal motoneurons.213 The transfer of the...

Ergogenic Effects Of Vitamin E

Although many researchers have examined the effects of vitamin E supplementation on athletic performance, there is little evidence of an ergogenic effect. Aerobic capacity as measured by maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) increases in response to training, but not in response to vitamin E supplementation.34,48-50 Similarly, vitamin E supplementation does not appear to improve cycling work capacity35 64 or marathon run time.28 29 Finally, there is no evidence that vitamin E supplementation improves strength training parameters including maximal strength, explosive power and muscular endurance.53

Prevention and Treatment

Adequate physical activity may exert a positive influence on bone mass and is necessary for bone acquisition and maintenance. The extent of this influence and the most effective type of program are not fully understood. Most trials of exercise intervention show that a reduction of falls is likely to be secondary to improved muscular strength and balance. Low-impact exercise like walking has minimal effect on BMD high-impact exercise like weight training stimulates the increase of BMD. Women who exercise regularly are at a lower risk of hip fractures.29 However, excessive exercise by competitive athletes can also be a risk factor for bone loss, particularly if they have hypoestrogenic oligo amenorrhea.

Summary And Conclusions

Despite the apparent increased requirement for vitamin E during endurance exercise,30 there is little evidence for an ergogenic effect of vitamin E. Supplementation has no apparent effect on VO2 max,3448-50 cycling work capacity35 64 or marathon run time.28 29 There is also little support for vitamin E supplementation on strength training parameters including maximal strength, explosive power and muscular endurance.53 While supplementation with vitamin E alone appears to be effective in attenuating lipid peroxidation induced by aerobic endurance type exercise,3548-52 its effects on strength training seem to be limited.53 The effects of vitamin E in combination with other antioxidants on exercise-induced oxidative stress are less conclusive. A primary influence on results of these studies has been differences in the assays used to assess lipid peroxidation. Using the most reliable lipid peroxidation marker available, F2-IsoPs, supplementation with vitamins E and C clearly prevented...

Organ Damage Induced by Cytotoxic Therapy

A 14-year-old boy, treated for an Ewing's sarcoma of the right humerus using 50.4 Gy in a fractionation scheme of 1.2Gy B.I.D. There was little noticeable difference between the muscle development in his upper arms until he started weight-lifting. The left (untreated) arm responded, but the muscles in the radiation field did not increase as much in size or strength. In a picture taken 11 years after treatment, the area of hypoplasia from the field of irradiation can be clearly seen. Similar dose levels apply to muscle development as well. Doses of

Patrice L Weiss1 Rachel Kizony12 Uri Feintuch23 and Noomi Katz2

Sophisticated VR systems employ more than specialized visual displays. Engaging the user in the virtual environment may be enhanced via audio display, either ambient or directed to specific stimuli (Vastfjall, 2003). In recent years, haptic display has been introduced to the field of VR. Haptic feedback enables users to experience the sensation of touch, making the systems more immersive and closer to the real world experience. Haptic gloves, such as the Rutgers Master II shown in Fig. 13.4, may provide force feedback while manipulating virtual objects (Jack et al., 2001) or for strength training (Deutsch et al., 2002). Haptic information may also be conveyed by simpler means such as a force-feedback joystick (Reinkensmeyer et al., 2003) or a force-feedback steering wheel (Kline-Schoder, 2004). Other, less frequently used ways of making the virtual environment more life-like are by letting the user stand on a platform capable of perturbations and thereby providing vestibular stimuli...

Evaluation of Nutritional Status using Biochemical Assessment

The use of protein for energy formation by the bodies of persons that practice fitness is relatively small 1,32 . Controversy exists as to whether aerobic or resistance exercises increase the need for dietary protein, and some evidence exists that aerobic exercise does 3 . It was also demonstrated that strength training results in reduced protein requirements 3 .

Nutritional Assessment

Early research supported the notion of Cr(pic)3 as an effective weight-loss supplement. Studies by Evans28 using college-aged males suggested an increase in lean body mass (LBM) when using Cr(pic)3 in conjunction with a weekly exercise program. Both studies randomly assigned subjects to either a supplement group (200 g of Cr(pic)3 day) or a placebo group. All subjects participated in a supervised weight training program. Anthropometric measures (skinfold thickness and limb circumference) were used to determine changes in body composition. Following the experimental procedures, the Cr(pic)3 group experienced greater increases in LBM and a decrease in percent body fat during the second study, when compared with the placebo group.

Basis for Sports Nutrition Interest 1 Insulinomimetic Actions

Insulin has an anabolic effect on skeletal muscle and other tissues through promoting amino acid uptake and protein synthesis while retarding protein degradation. Thus, reports that vanadium has efficacy in some animal models of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes was quickly extrapolated by supplement marketers as evidence that vanadium has anabolic effects and thus can be used to enhance muscle building, strength and performance. This thought persists now, although it has been shown that not all effects of insulin are mimicked by vanadium the exceptions include that of vanadium's not affecting amino acid uptake and protein synthesis.203 Also, the promotion of vanadium supplements ignores the finding that vanadium has no marked insulin-like effect on healthy animals and humans. One of the first vanadium-deprivation signs reported for chicks was adverse effects on bone devel-opment.206 Histological examination of the tibias from vanadium-deprived chicks revealed severe disorganization of...

HI Krebs1 N Hogan2 WK Durfee3 and HM Herr4

We can group devices into two main categories for the upper and lower extremity. For upper, extremity, Erlandson et al. (1990) described a patented robotic smart exercise partner in which the recovering stroke patient executes general spatial motions specified by the robot. Positive results using that system in a clinical setting were reported (Erlandson, 1995). However, patients had to be capable of moving independently or using the contralateral limb to move and guide the impaired limb (self-ranging). Independent movement is also essential to use of Rosen's 3-D controllable brake device (Maxwell, 1990), Rahman's functional upper limb orthosis (Rahman et al., 2000), and Burdea's pneumatically actuated glove (Merians et al., 2002). Other upper extremity robotic tools differ insofar as they do not require patients to be capable of independent movement controlled forces can be exerted to move the patient or to measure aspects of motor status such as spasticity, rigidity or muscle tone....

Onset of LaborA Positive Feedback Mechanism for Its Initiation

First, labor contractions obey all the principles of positive feedback. That is, once the strength of uterine contraction becomes greater than a critical value, each contraction leads to subsequent contractions that become stronger and stronger until maximum effect is achieved. Referring to the discussion in Chapter 1 of positive feedback in control systems, one can see that this is the precise nature of all positive feedback mechanisms when the feedback gain becomes greater than a critical value. One might ask about the many instances of false labor, in which the contractions become stronger and stronger and then fade away. Remember that for a vicious circle to continue, each new cycle of the positive feedback must be stronger than the previous one. If at any time after labor starts some contractions fail to re-excite the uterus sufficiently, the positive feedback could go into a retrograde decline, and the labor contractions would fade away.

Energy System Used In Various Sport Such As Phosphagen System Almist Entirely

Muscle Glycogen Replenishment

Importance of Maximal Resistance Training. One of the cardinal principles of muscle development during athletic training is the following Muscles that function under no load, even if they are exercised for hours on end, increase little in strength. At the other extreme, muscles that contract at more than 50 per cent maximal force of contraction will develop strength rapidly even if the contractions are performed only a few times each day. Using this principle, experiments on muscle building have shown that six nearly maximal muscle contractions performed in three sets 3 days a week give approximately optimal increase in muscle strength, without producing chronic muscle fatigue. muscle strength increases about 30 per cent during the first 6 to 8 weeks but almost plateaus after that time. Along with this increase in strength is an approximately equal percentage increase in muscle mass, which is called muscle hypertrophy. Muscle Hypertrophy. The average size of a person's muscles is...

Table 305 Glycogenoses

Children affected with classic McArdle's disease (myophosphorylase deficiency) initially show decreased stamina and easy fatigability. Although onset usually occurs in childhood, neonatal presentations have been reported. Severe cramping pain, usually in the distal skeletal muscles, develops after exercise and is often associated with renal impairment. In adolescence and adulthood, patients may develop persistent weakness and moderate loss of muscle bulk. Patients with Hers' disease have no specific neurological or muscle findings but display varying degrees of growth retardation, hypoglycemia, ketosis, and hepatomegaly. In Tarui's disease, motor development is normal during the first decade, but decreased muscle exercise tolerance, myoglobulinuria, and easy fatigability develop in childhood. An unusual infantile syndrome characterized by limb weakness, seizures, cortical blindness, and corneal opacifications occurs microscopic studies reveal typical findings of neuron axonal...

Evidence That People are Biased in Favor of the Physically Attractive

This self-fulfilling aspect of physical attractiveness was demonstrated in a classic study by M. Snyder, E. Tanke, and E. Berscheid (1977). Men and women at the University of Minnesota were recruited for a study on the acquaintance process. First, men were given a Polaroid snapshot and biographical information about their partners. In fact, the snapshot was a fake it depicted either a beautiful or a homely woman. Men were then asked their first impressions of this potential date. Those who believed they had been assigned a beautiful partner expected her to be sociable, poised, humorous, and socially skilled. Those who thought they had been assigned an unattractive partner expected her to be unsociable, awkward, serious, and socially inept. Such prejudice is not surprising it is known that good-looking people make exceptionally good first impressions.

Factors And Signals Promoting Cardiogenesis In Vertebrates

GATA transcription factors are important regulators of developmental processes in worms, flies and mammals (Orkin, 1992 Merika and Orkin, 1993 Simon, 1995 Zhu et al., 1997 Svensson et al., 1999). Transcriptional activities of the GATA proteins are modulated by their interactions with other transcriptional coactivators and repressors. All six proteins (GATA1-6) contain zinc finger DNA-binding domains, thereby binding to the consensus motif, WGATAR, as well as to the related sequences such as CGATGG and AGATTA (Ko and Engel, 1993 Merika and Orkin, 1993 Svensson et al., 1999). GATA regulates both hema-topoiesis (GATA-1, -2, -3) (Pevny et al., 1991 Tsai et al., 1994 Ting et al., 1996) and cardiogenesis (GATA-4) (Olson and Srivastava, 1996 Fishman and Chien, 1997a) in mammals. GATA-1, -2, -3 are expressed in the hematopoietic cell lineages, critical roles in the development of the erythroid, hematopoietic stem cell, and T-cell lineages (Pevny et al., 1991 Tsai et al., 1994 Ting et al.,...

Respiratory muscle strength

Rest between training exercises.28 In addition, strength training differs conceptually and in practice from endurance training.29 For the respiratory muscles, training is ill defined and although it is felt that the respiratory muscles should behave in a similar manner to other muscle groups, definitive studies have yet to show how they may be trained. It is likely that the response to training will in part be genetically determined. The general observation that some individuals are responsive to and have ability at certain types of exercise has led to studies showing genetic differences in the response to training according to genotype.30 A genetic polymorphism of the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) gene has been described with a 256 base pair deletion or insertion, termed DD or II.31 In de-trained subjects there is an 11-fold difference between homozygous subgroups in response to performing a repetitive biceps exercise.30 Recently, respiratory muscle strength and endurance was...

About the Lead Authors

Harfe, Ph.D. performed his Ph.D. research on muscle development in C. elegans in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew Fire (Carnegie Intuition of Washington, Department of Embryology and The Johns Hopkins University) during the time Dr. Fire was wondering why he was obtaining null phenotypes of genes after injecting dsRNA. After his Ph.D. he was a postdoctoral fellow at Emory University and Harvard Medical School where he worked in the fields of DNA damage in yeast and vertebrate limb development, respectively. He is an assistant professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine, investigating the role of microRNAs in limb formation in mice and chicks, and studying related pathways in C. elegans.

Sarah Blanton and Steven L Wolf

To date, findings from studies of the hemiplegic UE suggest a moderate to strong correlation existing between muscle weakness and impaired motor function in patients after stroke (Ng and Shepherd, 2000). Torques measured during hand grip have been correlated with some hand function tests among patients in the acute and sub-acute post-stroke stages (Sunderland et al., 1989). In addition, isometric strength of elbow flexors strongly correlates with functional hand to mouth movements (Bohannon 1 length associated changes of muscle fibers and connective tissues in shortened position

Effect of Exercise on Thyroid Function

Others have investigated the effects of exercise on serum levels of thyroid hormones in human subjects, and most studies indicate a small increase in circulating TSH32,37,38 or response of TSH to thyroliberin (TRH) stimulation3940 during endurance training, which could possibly explain the increase in thyroid hormone secretion rate.37 Exceptions are the observation of Simsch et al.32 of a decrease in TSH during resistance training by rowers, that of Pakarinen et al.41 of a slight decrease in TSH during very strenuous exercise and that of Hooper et al.34 of no change. Galbo and colleagues37 reported that serum concentrations of TSH increased with increasing workload in men during graded and prolonged exhaustive treadmill running, along with plasma catecholamine levels, which increased progressively with intensity and duration of exercise. The effects of exercise on T3 and T4 are even more variable with either no change,25,29 34,37,38 42 or small decreases in concentrations.38, 39404143

Psychosocial development in young people with CF

Growing up with a chronic illness such as CF has both a physical and emotional toll on young people's psycho-social development. The growth and pubertal delay common in CF has been shown to have a negative effect on young people's self-esteem and body image and other people's perception of their age and development (Sawyer etal. 1995). This is further complicated by the other obvious physical markers of CF, such as surgical scars, the visibility of permanent intravenous access ports and body habitus such as a barrel-shaped chest. These can all interfere with young people's development of peer and romantic relationships, and perception of physical attractiveness and self-worth (Sawyer 2000 Sawyer etal. 1995). The urinary incontinence experienced by many women with CF has also been shown to affect young women's social life and intimate relationships negatively (Nixon et al. 2003). Emotionally, growing up with a life-limiting condition has been shown to influence some young people into...

Rib Stress Fracture Volleyball

Rib stress fractures have been reported in several sports, including rowing, rugby, golf, weightlifting, volleyball, gymnastics, judo, tennis, table tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, javelin throwing, backpacking, and wind surfing 8-23 . Muscular forces are predominately responsible for these stress fractures 24 . Muscles that attach to ribs are used during upper-extremity movements, trunk rotation, bending, and breathing. The stress placed on the ribs by the muscles during repetitive contraction is accentuated during training because, as in other bones such as the sternum, muscles strengthen more rapidly than bone. In addition, muscle fatigue during prolonged activity lessens the ability of a muscle to absorb and dissipate energy, which then places a bone at risk for fracture 25 . First-rib stress fractures occur most commonly in athletes whose sports involve repetitive overhead positioning of the arm such as baseball pitching, basketball, lacrosse, weightlifting, ballet, javelin...

Interpersonal Perception

Psychologists refers to beautiful women. It is generally believed that beautiful women have more dating opportunities and more socially desirable personalities, and are happier and more intelligent. Beautiful women may also have an advantage in job interviews and performance ratings. However, there is evidence that at higher levels of management, physical attractiveness is an asset for men but a handicap for women.

Vitamin E Supplementation In Exercise

The effects of vitamin E supplementation on resistance (strength) training have not been thoroughly studied. Three weeks' supplementation with 1200 IU vitamin E in untrained men was ineffective in preventing increases in MDA following repeated bouts of resistance training.53 Because resistance training is primarily anaerobic, it is not surprising that the exercise-induced increases in lipid peroxidation were not dramatic and that vitamin E had no apparent effect.53 0verall, vitamin E supplementation appears to be effective in attenuating lipid peroxidation induced by aerobic endurance type exercise, but not strength training.

Postoperative Management

On admission, patients are taught to perform isometric contractions of their triceps surae. Patients are instructed to perform the isometric strength training at three different angles, namely at maximum dorsiflexion, at maximum plantarflexion, and at a point midway between the two.

Special Autonomic Function Testing

Other tests used to assess sympathetic cardiovascular outflow include the hemodynamic response to physical or emotional perturbations such as immersion of a hand in cold water for 1 minute (cold pressor test), isometric exercise (e.g., the sustained handgrip maneuver), or emotional stress (e.g., mental arithmetic). In normal subjects these maneuvers produce increases in diastolic pressure of more than 15 mm Hg and in heart rate of more than 10 beats per minute. y The venoarteriolar reflex is an axon reflex mediated by sympathetic C fibers. This reflex is provoked by distention of the veins of a dependent limb that produces local arteriolar constriction the reflex can be detected by a decrease in skin blood flow. y

The other end of life Why do we age and die

It matters little where we start, so let's begin with ourselves. In our life history, our young take time to develop strength and experience, and it would be pointless for reproductive capacity to mature so early that novice parenting would not be successful. Within this constraint, imposed by the particular life history of our species, there is nevertheless reason for individuals to start reproducing as early as is consistent with a successful outcome. One reason why this is so is that the longer an individual postpones reproduction, the greater is the probability that he or she will either succumb to an accident before being able to reproduce or that there will be unwanted mutations in the germ line. If for any reason the probability of successful reproduction declines with age, regardless of physical condition, then those individuals that make an effort to reproduce early will, on average, leave more and healthier off

The Cardiac Cycle

In an adult at rest, a heart rate of seventy beats per minute is fairly typical. If you're exercising, such as running, weightlifting, swimming, or playing tennis, your heart rate increases to supply more blood to your muscles, which need more oxygen and nutrients as they work.

Experimental Methods

Sometimes research strategies involve repeatedly testing the same subjects. A longitudinal study of human development may test the same group of children at ages 2, 5, 10, and 20, or a learning study may test subjects after every stimulus presentation. This introduces another complication an order effect. For example, if subjects are asked to rate the physical attractiveness of 10 people, with slides showing the stimuli presented to all subjects in the same order, the rating of the third slide may reflect an order effect as well as the stimulus. If the second slide, for example, is of a particularly attractive person, the third slide may be undervalued because of a contrast effect. If the third slide were in a different ordinal position, its ratings would be different. Clearly, the solution to such problems involves manipulation of the order, so that different subjects receive the stimuli in different sequences. This is the technique of counterbalancing.


Awoman who has many sexual encounters, whose lovers are culturally considered to be inappropriate, who is anor-gasmic despite frequent sexual contacts, and whose sexual behaviors rarely take place within the context of an intense emotional relationship fits the classical and folkloric stereotype. Furthermore, Levitt points out that the various conceptions of nymphomania neglect the potentially important factor of opportunity as reflected in physical attractiveness, place of residence, type of occupation, and marital status.


Autosomal Recessive Myotonia Congenita (Becker's Disease). This disorder is very similar to Thomsen's disease except that myotonia appears later in the first decade. However, Becker's disease can be more severe, and patients may have, in addition to severe myotonic stiffness, a disabling phenomenon of transient weakness not seen in Thomsen's disease. In Becker's disease, the patient's muscles are initially weak, and a period of activity is required before full strength returns. At times, this weakness is so severe that the patient requires assistance with ambulation persistent weakness may occur. As in Thomsen's disease, these patients may have muscle hypertrophy, particularly of the legs and buttocks, with some hyperlordosis of the spine. Evaluation Myotonias. Laboratory evaluations should include a serum CK level, which is usually normal but may be elevated two to five times in Thomsen's and Becker's diseases, perhaps reflecting the degree of muscle hypertrophy. The EMG in these...


The initial management most commonly consists of a multi-oriented approach, with combined rehabilitation models. There are many different regimes, most often including a combination of rest (complete or modified), medication (NSAIDs, corticosteroids), orthotics (heel lift, change of shoes, corrections of misalignments), stretching and massage, and strength training,73,74,76,77,81-83 and the most widely used initial approach is eccentric strength training of the gastro-soleus complex.84 In Achilles tendons with chronic painful tendi-nopathy, but not in normal pain-free tendons, there is neovascularization outside and inside the ventral part of the tendinopathic area.118 During eccentric calf-muscle contraction, the flow in the neovessels disappears on ankle dorsiflexion. The good clinical effects with eccentric training may be due to action on the neovessels and accompanying nerves. Also, local anesthetic injected in the area of neovascularization outside the tendon resulted in a...


The hexavalent form of Cr (Cr6+), used for industrial purposes such as dyes, leather tanning and chrome plating, is toxic, and exposure to this form has caused short-term effects such as asthma or bronchitis, or long-term carcinogenic effects.53 Cr6+ passes through the cell membrane where it reacts with DNA in the process of being converted to its trivalent form, with the potential for genotoxic effects.54 One tissue culture study reported that high concentrations of Cr(pic)3 caused chromosome breakdown however, the evidence pointed to picolinate rather than Cr as the likely cause of the damage.54 Iron metabolism may be negatively affected by Cr, as iron deficiency and anemia have been documented in rats treated with Cr and Cr(pic)3 supplementation in men undergoing a resistance training program resulted in a 30 decrease in transferrin saturation.1


The football player was an offensive lineman with no history of trauma, who developed pain in his shoulder during a game 30 . The patient had point tenderness over the acromion, and plain radiographs revealed an incomplete transverse radiolucent line in an area of sclerotic bone at the underside of the acromion near its origin from the scapular spine. A bone scan also revealed increased activity in this area. Weightlifting and football activities were subsequently discontinued for 6 weeks, followed by a gradual resumption of weightlifting and contact activities. Within 2 months, the patient had returned to football without any pain. The authors suggest that an intense weightlifting program contributed to the development of the stress fracture.

Orthopedic Referral

Indications for orthopedic referral include the following factors fracture, dislocation, evidence of neurovascular compromise, penetrating wound into the joint space, and grade 3 sprain with tendon rupture. All patients with ankle injuries should begin early rehabilitation exercises, including passive range of motion and graduated strength training immediately after the injury.

Cerebral Palsy

Lower Extremity Free Flap

Across both ankle and knee joints, but isolated muscle lengthening of the gastrocnemius will achieve selective weakening without affecting the soleus, which, as discussed above, is important for stance phase knee ankle stability. Further, contracted triceps surae dealt with by tendo Achillis lengthening may shorten with bone growth, as a lengthened muscle is not subjected to stretch with bone growth. Muscle stretch due to bone growth has been shown to be an impetus for muscle growth.40

Isaacs Disease

In this syndrome, neuromyotonia or hyperexcitability of the peripheral nerves results in spontaneous and continuous muscle electrical activity. Although in some cases the disease is inherited, in the majority it is acquired. The continuous discharges may originate anywhere along the length of the peripheral nerve. There is some association between Issac's syndrome and autoimmune disease, and it is thought that the acquired varieties are autoimmune in origin. In support of this idea, antibodies against potassium channels have been demonstrated. The hereditary disease is believed to be a genetic defect in the potassium channel, an assumption strengthened by the coexistence of myokymia in autosomal dominant episodic ataxia type I, which is a known genetic defect of the potassium channel. y The syndrome is rare, and assessment of its frequency and its definitive clinical features is hampered by the variable names given to the disorder in the past. Typically, patients have muscle...


Stress fractures have been described in baseball pitchers, a tennis player, a javelin thrower, a body-builder, weight lifters, a softball player, and a cricket player 39-49 . Humeral stress fractures in throwing athletes such as baseball pitchers most commonly are spiral fractures that involve the middle and distal third of the humerus 40,43-46 . These fractures predominate in two main age groups adolescent Little League pitchers and healthy middle-aged pitchers 44-46 , although, Polu and colleagues 40 reported a nondisplaced fracture in a collegiate pitcher. The most likely explanation for stress fractures in the adolescent age group is a high level of activity, which places a high degree of stress on immature bone, aggravated by growth spurts and inadequate muscular development 4,47 . The authors in one study believe that in the middle-aged pitchers, the most probable reason for these fractures was muscle fatigue caused by a prolonged layoff from pitching and a lack of a preseason...


Although there have been several studies examining the response of diabetic subjects to vanadium supplementation (see above), only a few have examined the effect of vanadium supplementation on strength, performance and bone and heart health indices of healthy adults. Fawcett et al.231 determined the effect of supplemental 0.5 mg vanadyl sulfate kg body weight day on body composition and performance in a study involving 40 individuals using weight training as part of their fitness program 31 completed the 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. It was concluded that the vanadium supplement was ineffective in changing body composition in weight-training athletes. There was a significant vanadium effect in one performance variable (leg extension), but this finding was compromised by the fact that the vanadium-supplemented group started at a lower baseline than the placebo group. Thus, this modest performance-enhancing effect requires confirmation. About 20 of the subjects taking...

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